2019 March Scavenger Hunt

Living in Southern Nevada we are blessed with many riding days a year. It’s time to take advantage of those riding days! Black Mountain H.O.G. is running its second “Scavenger Hunt.” The person with the most points wins. Top placers will be announced at our April HOG Heaven. The rules are simple. Take a picture that includes your bike and the item you are claiming. Your bike and the item must be recognizable. You cannot use old pictures. For items scored on scale (described below), you must show proof of the location. Most items will have a name that we can use for reference, i.e. – Zion HD or Nevada State Capital Building. In other instances, you may need to take supporting photos or obtain some other form of proof (receipt from a location and date/time reasonably close to the item you’re claiming.) All distances are measured from Henderson HarleyDavidson (exact location below) and via Google Maps. Shortest route displayed by Google Maps will be used. Email your entries to director@bmhoghd.com. One bonus item per email please. You may attach as many pictures as needed for that one bonus. Put Item # and Item Name in the subject line of the email. Remember, this is all in the spirit of having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. 


March Scavenger Hunt List

Next Adventure:

Death Valley Ride

  • When: Saturday March 16th,

    • Check: Check the Google Calendar

  • Black Mountain H.O.G.'s are headed to Death Valley! We always have a good time on this ride!

    We will be leaving from Blue Diamond Chevron at 8:00 am. We're hooking up with El Cajon H.O.G.'s for this ride!

  • Overnighter Flyer

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